"The Belt and Road" why popular (wanhailou)

- Wang Junling

In December 2018 06, 05:00 source: 138479.xyz: People's Daily Overseas Edition

From November 27th to December 5th, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Spain, Argentina, Panama, Portugal and twenty to attend the thirteenth G20 summit. It is not difficult to find, in 4 President Xi Jinping signed article, President Xi Jinping and the leaders of the talks, in a joint statement China with relevant countries, "The Belt and Road" are the high frequency words.

"The Belt and Road are welcome. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said, "The Belt and Road" is an important initiative of historic significance, Spain is ready to actively participate and build The Belt and Road". Argentina's president Macri said Afghanistan firmly committed to deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership with Chinese, strengthen the "The Belt and Road" within the framework of cooperation. Panama's president Barrera said that Pakistan support to build a "The Belt and Road, look forward to working with China to strengthen investment, port transportation, trade and other areas of cooperation, welcome to Chinese business investment, willing to work with China to the signing of the FTA, to enhance the level of trade between the two countries. Portuguese President Sousa said, "the Portuguese support The Belt and Road" initiative, will become the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road hub in europe.

"The Belt and Road" why so popular?

Welcome, because "The Belt and Road" in response to the practical concerns of national economic and social development. Argentina is located in the south of South America, fruit, beef, seafood, wine and other products is very rich, but for a long time due to the lack of infrastructure and financial market volatility, there has been a small number of export products, low value-added. In the construction of "The Belt and Road" background, 2017 China in Argentina to invest more than $10 billion, covering the construction of infrastructure, energy, communications, agriculture and other fields, to create tens of thousands of jobs. At the same time, the expansion of the size of the currency swap, Chinese financial institutions to set up branches in Argentina, to provide support and services for economic and social development in Argentina.

Welcome, because "The Belt and Road" get a rational and pragmatic operational cooperation scheme. Panama's unique geographical position, not only the world famous canal, and tropical fruit is famous in the world. The two sides to build a "The Belt and Road" as a guide, signed a number of agreements in trade, finance, maritime, aviation, tourism, culture, education and other fields. "The Belt and Road" let China and Pakistan in infrastructure construction, production, logistics, e-commerce, financial and other key areas of cooperation and deepening. Panama beef, pineapple, seafood and other specialty products are accelerated to the China family table, benefit the people of the two countries.

Welcome, because the "clear blueprint The Belt and Road" being put out economies grow together. Whether it is to help Argentina from the "granary of the world" to "World supermarket" is a positive transformation, with Spain's "Asian Development Strategy" and "the Mediterranean corridor" docking, or with Portugal to carry out maritime cooperation, the development of "blue economy", "The Belt and Road" are effective docking national development strategies. At the same time, "The Belt and Road" is also promoting countries form a closer community of interests and responsibilities of the community, community of destiny.

Welcome, because "The Belt and Road" conforms to the historical trend of economic globalization. Although the world economy has twists and turns, but the interests of all countries, integration and common destiny, win-win cooperation is represent the general trend. The global supply chain, industry chain and value chain closely, every country is part of a global cooperation in the chain. "The Belt and Road" is a win-win way, is to build a community of destiny of mankind on the road, will take practical action to promote the economy to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, the release of growth potential. Practice has proved that the "The Belt and Road" initiative is not only in conformity with the laws of economic development, but also conforms to the historical logic of the development of human society.

Economic development and social progress, a better life, is the common aspiration of all peoples. "The Belt and Road" initiative, is China provided to the international community public products. Chinese will work together with other countries, to jointly sharing, high quality, high standard and high level construction "The Belt and Road", to create more opportunities for the development of the world.

(the author is a newspaper commentator)

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)