Open up broad prospects for Sino EU Relations (Bell)

In December 2018 06, 04:45 source: People's daily

The connotation of the times constantly enrich the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Europe, indicates the two sides jointly promote world peace, stability and prosperity in the future


From November 27th to 29th, from December 4th to 5th, President Xi Jinping has paid a state visit to Spain, portugal. "This trip will consolidate bilateral relations with the EU and China co-operation on international issues" "this is a great opportunity, will produce fruitful results in economic and trade"...... Spanish and Portuguese people generally believe that President Xi Jinping's visit to China and the west, and the development of China EU relations with the past and future of milepost meaning.

"The Tao, Trinidad enthusiasts, fixed on the paint, Kennedy in stone." Spain and Portugal in western Eurasia, as an important member of the European Union, are also Chinese good friends and good partners. Chinese and western diplomatic ties 45 years, Portugal established diplomatic relations 39 years after the test, amidst the winds of change are always mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and cooperation, healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.

"In the changing times, Spain pays more and more attention to Asia, especially the importance of increasing the world Chinese" has become the highest level of Chinese Spanish partners, bilateral relations have entered the best period in history"...... The Spanish leader attaches great importance to relations with China's position, but also the voice of the people of spain. 2000 years ago, the silk road connecting China ancient capital of Changan and Tarragona in Spain, now in the round-trip between Yiwu and Madrid central trains is through the "The Belt and Road" continue to gain a win-win. During President Xi Jinping's visit to the west, the two countries reached broad consensus on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern, signed 18 cooperation documents, and boost cooperation in various fields to a new level, leading the Chinese and Western relations in the new era towards a better tomorrow.

"Portuguese sailing village" is the ancient maritime Silk Road as an endpoint in Europe, Portugal from all walks of life to the "The Belt and Road construction with natural closeness and enthusiasm. "Portugal support" The Belt and Road 'initiative, will become the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road hub in europe." As is invariably Portuguese leaders expressed desire. President Xi Jinping's visit to Portugal, Portugal across time and space to give new meaning to friendship. To make friends, mutual respect and mutual trust with development partners, inheriting the messenger of friendship, "blue economy", the pioneer of the international system builders and defenders, the friendly cooperation and development of the road to a brighter future.

This year coincides with the China EU 15 anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership. France, Britain, Germany and other EU leaders have visited China during the first half of the year, showing the "China EU relations"; at the end of President Xi Jinping's visit to Spain, Portugal, the China EU relations to a new climax. A joint statement published Chinese, Portuguese clearly pointed out that "The Belt and Road" initiative and the European infrastructure construction plan, the Eurasian interoperability strategy docking, may further promote European peace, growth, reform, civilization development partnership.

Is there an important opportunity for win-win cooperation, cooperation and action call. China is the largest developing country, the EU is the largest group of developed countries, the two sides are an important force for safeguarding world free trade system and multilateralism. In recent years, in the matter of key issues of global stability, the two sides reached important consensus and common action is more precious. When the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis clouds, China in action and the European countries pull together in times of trouble and overcome the difficulties. When the unilateralism and protectionism theroughstuff, Chinese sincerely committed to promote the construction of an open world economy, creating opportunities for further cooperation. The Spanish media comments praise, "the EU can be regarded as China maintain multilateralism, free trade and the fight against climate change and global governance challenges a reliable partner".

President Xi Jinping to visit Spain and Portugal, to stimulate new vitality for the development of China EU relations in the new era, opened up a new space for the construction of "The Belt and Road". The connotation of the times constantly enrich the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Europe, indicates the two sides jointly promote world peace, stability and prosperity in the future.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 21 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)