To see the exhibition in Weihe city (China road China dream born reform)

Boulin Hu

In December 2018 06, 04:44 source: People's daily

For decades, I have been living in uprighteousness, witnessed the rivers continue to radiate new face.

When I was young, living in the countryside. Each side from the Weihe pass, see the water flowing in the grass. The summer floods, standing on the bridge, looking at the edge of the riverbed was turbid, from time to time a swirling flow downstream, make people tremble. The water is mixed with the upstream drift to the wood, straw, farm implements, old clothes and so on, by twos and threes people standing on the bridge, fishing things from the river with a long rope tied hook. From time to time also heard the rumors, where the embankment collapsed, water diffuse into the village.

In 90s, I went to Baoji city to go to school, the school is behind Weihe. I saw the sand silt deposition of river bed through the city, which weeds, Acacia scattered, and turned out near riverbank private garden. Winds, dust flying, Weihe became the city of a scar". In the flood season, Weihe floods, see also thrilling than the hour. At that time, only the urban section is stone embankment, the rest were mounds and occasional danger, tugging at the heart of people.

The obvious change is at the beginning of this century. After several years of governance, on the north shore of Weihe in Baoji City, a 3 km long Weihe Park brighten a piece of wood, a piece of lawn, everywhere square natural combination, like Weihe with a green ribbon, and like the city to draw a three-dimensional landscape and soon became a good place for leisure exercise. Weihe started to set up the impoundment of a glittering gold Wei Lake in the middle of the city. At night, red yellow blue green light reflected in the lake, let the City show Jiangnan like luster. Under the towering Qinling Mountains, a park, a green lake city for city dotting, suddenly have the aura.

Dot the Weihe side of the park, Baoji changed the image of Weihe. These years, not only in the city of Weihe, along the route have action. In the hours north to see the flood of the bridge, in recent years, construction of the Weihe wetland park. In June, large areas of reeds swaying in the wind, red pavilions dotted, tortuous path along the Cliff spread abroad, from time to time and egrets fly wild duck, which bring a surprise to people walking. In the lower reaches of the Meixian Longyuan National Wetland Park, 7 acres of lotus pond, under the blue sky and white clouds, lotus Tada, lets the human eye can see.

In Weihe, the first in the water, and then turn on the embankment, went on the road, and the change is the development of the concept of change. Many years ago, Weihe often drying up, dripping is the production of sewage discharged into the river, the sewer". Now, through the reasonable scheduling and iron pollution, Weihe water, water for the lake, the water becomes clear. After all the reinforcement, all into the stone embankment, in recent years not big dike danger. Embankment road, near the river to prevent the road, next to the lanes on both sides along the line. Clear water, solid, with di Chang Road, the construction of a park, everywhere a wetland, let beauty by Weihe from the city to the county, from the county town to go to the countryside.

The new year's day, the city of Baoji million long-distance race activity, is in the Weihe River on the road. A river of beauty as the background, eighty people, becoming the city's most beautiful scenery. From the bear ", namely gray rain disaster" hardship, to enjoy the "low small window sill in Qinling Mountains, Wei Chuan" pleasant, Weihe, is the development of refraction change life change, the people of the city.

(the author is the Shaanxi Baoji Daily reporter)

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 09 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)