"China cloud", to create value for the development of the world (people's Commentary)

Liu song1

In December 2018 06, 04:44 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

We are in the development of Internet technology and the new industrial revolution history intersection period, need to adapt to the development trend of the digital economy, and the future development trend of matching the "thinking mutation" and "mutation model"


In recent years, from the Singapore bus card to the UAE's private bank, from Chile to the British supermarket chain bike sharing, by Ali cloud, cloud Tencent, Hua Weiyun as the representative of the China cloud computing enterprises to accelerate the pace of the sea, "Chinese cloud" is to provide digital services for global customers. "Chinese cloud" to go out, not only marks the rapid development of Chinese digital economy, also opened a window for the economic development of the new energy Chinese observation.

The "cloud" is the infrastructure of the digital economy era. "Chinese cloud" to let the data and information to achieve interoperability, the more important value to the cloud platform holding up more business development. In reality, the "China cloud" play "on hand" role, not only can help China companies better go out, can also help foreign companies into the China market, so as to realize the spatial compression ability of digital economy. For example, the calculation can greatly save cost and time with the cloud, so that enterprises can quickly develop overseas business, business floor from the previous time measured in months shortened to level minute now. Over the past 10 years, the company's overall entrepreneurship entrepreneurial threshold is greatly reduced because of cloud computing. Xinjiang, science and technology enterprises such as byte beating the expansion of overseas business, China Internet economy going out, "Chinese cloud" is closely linked with the global layout.

Compared with mobile phone sales, home appliances and other objects, cloud computing involves integration and data safety, go out to face more complex challenges. The management of millions of servers, which requires the maintenance ability of large scale, also need global operation ability; in the face of different countries in the world, society and culture, not only have the "globalization" pattern, also have a "localization" vision. In fact, to overcome these challenges, expand the global market, the most important thing is to win the trust, can use "Chinese cloud" to create value for local development. For example, China cloud computing networking technology enterprise by the government of Kenya, a digital system of wild animal protection construction; Chinese Enterprise Cloud Computing "does not let the customer demand for" concept, establish a good corporate image China cloud computing.

For the "Chinese cloud", whether it is to develop the international market, or deep domestic market, its core competitiveness is still adhere to independent innovation, through cloud computing, big data continues to provide digital service, in order to reduce transaction costs, improve economic efficiency, to inject new momentum of economic development. In the past, drive generalization and APP mode China mobile phone big data and cloud computing is mainly due to the mobile Internet, the outlook for the next 5 to 10 years, big data and cloud computing China will be combined with the development of networking and artificial intelligence, from end to end by the consumption and supply side, through the "industrial brain" "agriculture" brain brain "city" and other digital services greatly enhance the production efficiency, improve supply quality, promote the Chinese manufacturing shift to China made, the factor driven to innovation driven.

In fact, cloud computing is a bridge of large-scale application of artificial intelligence in the industry, through cloud computing to enhance the production efficiency is also a huge open space for imagination. There is such an intuitive case: in a petrochemical enterprise, analysis of cloud computing through hundreds of parameters of the boiler and the application of industrial intelligence, can be without additional physical equipment, precise control parameters to achieve the minute level, so as to reduce energy consumption by 4%. Reducing the energy consumption patterns, can be gradually extended to the boiler more than 300 various types of Chinese. This not only reduces the energy consumption per unit of GDP, but also conducive to the realization of green development. Can be reasonably expected, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud based computing, will serve as a basis for future services, have a deep impact on the future of the physical world and the mode of production.

We are in the development of Internet technology and the new industrial revolution history intersection period. Hold the historic intersection of the opportunities, the need to adapt to the development of the digital economy trend, and the future development trend of matching the "thinking mutation" and "mutation model". From this perspective, the booming of Chinese cloud ", not only to boost innovation Chinese economic transformation and upgrading, it can promote Chinese grasp the future opportunities and outlet.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 09 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)