Daily ideological aspect: the courage to go through the road

Lai bin sun

In December 2018 06, 04:44 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

Comrade Xi Jinping visited Shenzhen shortly before the tide of reform and opening up the Pearl River - Guangdong 40th Anniversary Exhibition "pointed out that the party's eighteen after my investigation and study of Shenzhen is the first stop, the reform and opening up 40th anniversary when come here again, is to declare to the world China reform does not stop, do not stop open, China will make the world sit up and take notice the new larger miracle. This shows the reform and opening up of the confidence and determination to the world. Standing at a new historical starting point, the reform and opening up in the end, we must develop the courage to dare to try, dare to be the first of the spirit of reform, the courage to go through the road.

Historical experience shows that the way of others, we can't come to a crossroads. Only from the national conditions, the courage to open up, others do not dare to go through the road, in order to gain the scenery. In daily life, people often go off the road of love, because it is more convenient. But for the reform, the situation is not the same. Reform means innovation and beyond, we must break the path dependence, do not take the unusual way. At present, we are experiencing a widespread and profound social changes in our country's history, is a grand and unique innovation for the practice of human history. For social change and innovation in practice like this, especially can not copy the experience of other countries, other countries along the road.

Lu Xun said, in fact, this is not the way, people walk more, it has become the road. There is no way to go, we must strive to wade, water bridge cut paths through mountains, out of their own road. The new China was first established, our Party led the people to choose the road of socialism in the relatively backward economic and cultural conditions, is a pioneering exploration. For pioneering work, Lenin had the image of the metaphor for climbing an unexplored, unexplored mountains, "ready to endure thousands of difficulties for thousands of attempts, and, after we made one thousand attempts to make one thousand and one attempts". China's construction of socialist modernizations in the reform and opening up, is also a kind of pioneering work, not only can not find ready-made textbooks, there is no ready-made road to follow. It is seeking truth in the practice of reform and opening, to touch the law in the process of exploration, our Party led the Chinese people made the rare miracle of economic development, so that nearly 14 million people's life more and more happy.

Others do not go through the road, cannot do without the spirit of innovation. Innovation is the Chinese nation's distinctive spiritual character. The Chinese nation can grow ups and downs, life and growth in nature, and do not be discouraged, rely on innovation and change their spirit of innovation. In the spirit of innovation to lead and promote, the Chinese nation created a highly developed civilization, with numerous technological innovations for the world. It is also to inherit and carry forward the spirit of innovation, ideological emancipation and the realization of social Chinese 40 years of reform and opening up ideas, boost the spirit, issued the strongest voice, to open a new chapter in the era of reform and innovation.

Others do not dare to go through the road, not accidentally, must adhere to the scientific method. Look back through the road, the way of others, in order to better open up the way forward. History and reality show, to promote the reform, both to innovation, and actively and steadily; it is necessary to strengthen the top-level design, but also to encourage grassroots exploration. For a moment to take reform, exploration, after the implementation of the practice of right, is our party in the practice of reform and opening up in an important experience. For example, the establishment of special economic zones, is to promote China's reform and opening up of the pilot is an important duty of Special Economic Zone, is to open the way for the country's reform and opening up the pathfinder.

Of course, there are many reform methods formed in the process of reform and opening up theory, also can be summarized from different aspects, but the fundamental one is to do the dialectical unity of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, play the subjective initiative and respect the objective law of dialectical unity. At present, the reform to a new historical juncture, advancing the reform of the complexity, sensitivity, arduous degree is not inferior to 40 years ago. The reform and opening up and starting again, not conservative, cower, nor Chi at the fantasy, greedy in the virtual sound, but on the premise of respecting the law of emancipating the mind, under the background of new era take out his own way.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 07 Edition)

(: Bai Yu, commissioning editor Wang Qian)