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Personal bank and lawsuit, odds listen to?

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Personal bank and lawsuit, odds listen to?

Background: "In your personal power to China bank to fight this lawsuit, you think how much the probability of winning?" Mr. Zhao: because the bank received a collection call, found himself under the name baffledly 18 credit cards, and has 7 overdue, the impact of personal credit, these cards are from the Chinese bank Changsha jinmandi branch. Now, complaints about one and a half years later, the problem is still not solved, Mr. Zhao angrily posting, the self proclaimed president called as is required to delete posts said.

Beijing News published Shu Shengxiang view: Consumers in the case without the knowledge of the name rather baffling on more than 18 credit cards, not only do not know who is for you to do, for you do not know who is active, but do not know who you consume, the consequences of personal credit repayment overdue, but you are a force to bear. This kind of thing is very strange not only absurd. From common sense, for ten consecutive credit cards in the same bank, even the bad guys do bad things, at least for dereliction of duty of bank audit. There have been media reports, at the beginning of 2014, two employees China Wuhou Branch of bank, the students in the knowledge of the case, collusion with university teachers, apply for a credit card for 35000 students. In 2016, the Shangluo branch of the Bank of Chinese embezzled 3000 students of Shangluo College to identity information, without the knowledge of each student to do a credit card. Mr. Zhao's encounter is the same, we can make nothing of it, but the same person can do nearly 20 credit cards in the same bank, it is obviously not normal, no problem found someone's Bank? In fact, illegal possession of others' credit cards, a relatively large number, has been suspected of committing the crime of impairing credit card administration. So who is using the information card, to find out. If a bank insiders using the convenience of duty crime, according to criminal law, also should be severely punished. If someone's Bank has the responsibility, don't take "odds" to frighten the parties bear the responsibility ultimately have to bear.

Xiaojiang caprice: Mr. Zhao said his name is much more difficult to express 18 credit cards, fraudulent use of the name of his money to others, let him pay. If his claim is true, indeed, bystander sympathy, will let other people have this kind of "an accident" will not come into his head in panic. However, the society of rule of law about evidence, the authenticity of Zhao's words, also need to consider. Who has the power of investigation and ability? It is the law enforcement agencies. Find out the truth, to clarify the bank and Mr. Zhao respectively should bear what responsibility, or need not bear responsibility, law enforcement intervention. However, the bank's attitude is very worthy of study. Claiming to be the governor of the Bank of people, not yet in judicial intervention, in a provocative irony of Mr. Zhao "win", the president of what "Wynn bank"? For this kind of pride and prejudice, it must be reiterated that everyone is equal before the law". On the other hand, people may think, in the past some of the grassroots to giant "case, the judgment is fair enough, make the parties sincerely convinced. To this case, if someone stole the name of Mr. Zhao do card and credit card, the bank is now looking for Mr. Zhao afterwards, indulge a murderer. If the bank believes that Mr. Zhao "zeihanzhuozei", the best way is to take legal proceedings, rather than take the "odds" don't frighten Mr. Zhao on the court. The law does not engage the presumption of guilt, if there is no tangible evidence, will never suspected crime. This is a matter of law ruling, and not between banks and customers continue to wrangle.

Xiao Jiang said: Hello, I am small jiang. State, family, everything in the world, every day fresh. Your comment, I review all comments, see Ren All flowers bloom together. Have different views, from different angles, as long as we respect the objective and rational justice.

(commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)