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No country is willing to become the era of economic globalization, the "forgotten corner", there is no significant opportunities for any enterprise will refuse to development


The first China International Import Expo, a few impressive scene.

A foreign trade company in Tianjin, they went straight to the opening day of the exhibition of food and agricultural products, the purchase of $1 million Tanzania nuts; a Chinese enterprise managers, a changed area, took a pile of data, is expected to sign orders of more than $100 million; a South Korean food exhibitors, bring the exhibits popular in the booth to leave today good tomorrow, please also continue to support us. "......

Global business, buy popular all over the world, into the Expo, highlighting the Chinese open up, also reflects the potential of cooperation of all parties. Whether it is "or" receive wide praise "exhibitors, rewarding the purchaser to the" Oriental ", are full of the sense of. It can be said that Jin Bo will inspire a strong magnetic effect ", is that this measure conforms to an irreversible historical trend, grasp the trend of the times before the mighty.

In today's world, assembling a car to all continents more than 20 economies provide spare parts of an airliner to more than 1500 large companies and 1.5 small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation. No country is willing to become the era of economic globalization, the "forgotten corner", there is no significant opportunities for any enterprise will refuse to development. It can be said, for the enterprise, taking into the Expo is not a plan, but necessary to expand market, looking for the development of the blue ocean China. For Chinese, actively expand imports also is not a matter of expediency, but a long-term view of the world and of the future and promoting common development.

"What is the future?" Into the Expo on many companies are trying to use the latest products and cutting-edge technology, carefully designed, given their own answers. "Flying car" triggered reverie transportation in the future, table tennis robot widens the application scene of artificial intelligence, 100 times faster than the WiFi LiFi technology to make people look forward to, as well as the world's smallest pacemaker, the thinnest blood pressure meter, the fastest immune analyzer...... Because in the Expo, we further opened the "good life" of the imagination, thinking and exploring more ways to the future. From this point of view can also say, open cooperation is not only an important driving force to strengthen the international economic and trade activities, but also to promote the practical needs of the steady recovery of the world economy, more requirements is to promote the continuous progress of human society era.

On the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up Chinese perspective, the Chinese International Import Expo is a vivid footnote, but also a concrete practice for years China inherits the development experience. 40 years, Chinese total imports increased from 1978 187 to 2017 12.5 billion trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 18.1%. Of the party since eighteen, from expanding the pilot FTA negative list to continue to streamline, to increase imports, opening has become the distinctive identity of contemporary Chinese. As president Xi Jinping stressed, "Chinese expanding opening up, not only the development of their own, but also for the benefit of the world".

China benefit from economic globalization, more is a contributor. When this protectionism, unilateral rise, economic globalization suffered setbacks when the first to import as the theme of the national exhibition in the world, to show the openness Chinese One principle runs through it all. into Qiang Dazheng, as the world energy cooperation and win-win. When talking about the reason of the UN International Trade Center in support of this Expo, executive director Alanchard Gonzalez said, "the Import Expo will effectively promote international trade and multilateral cooperation". Indeed, held into the Expo, China means to promote a higher level opening step is not stagnation, promoting the construction of an open world economy is not stagnant pace, promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind's footsteps is not stagnant.

After a few days, is the "double 11". Into the Expo, an Australian expert said that last year the "double 11" Tmall, Taobao total turnover has exceeded the Australian state of Tasmania for a whole year of economic output. This invention China online consumer Festival, is growing as the world consumer festival. The China International Import Expo will not only do every year, will be extended from 6 days to 365 days of the exhibition platform. Open cooperation is endless, limitless prospects. Continuously improve the level of opening up, deepening cooperation, we can set up a bridge to the future, building a better world.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 09 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)