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In November 2018 09, 04:31 source: People's daily

Turn on the TV, broadcast live video link, let the audience open the newspaper, view comments personally on the scene; and the depth of interpretation helps people wander in thought square; pick up the mobile phone, news and information, the product is too busy to attend to all the financial media...... In the nineteenth China press day, pen and paper, the hands of the keyboard, a microphone, the lens with the majority of journalists, in a variety of ways and the spirit of innovation has a new era of walking forward.

This year, from the institutional reform strategies to the South China sea parade tieliu surging, from HZMB bright to foreign country charm home court name card...... Every memorable moment, each of the key nodes, the total figure, as journalists diligently diligent. Recently, the first China Import Expo held in Shanghai attracted global attention. The event site of hard busy, reflects the news people's normal work, showing Chinese to the world, the world came to the China event.

Journalists called historical records, in the era of lookout. The news from the glory of occupation, faithful observation and objective record, is also reflected in the witness of development of the times, to promote social progress. It can be said, let a flick, a frame of a painting as a historical footnote, spotlight, times ahead of the cornerstone, is the unique charm of the news occupation.

Some people think that journalists have an instinct for time sensitive. Indeed, at an important time node, the reporter's value is particularly prominent. This year, we usher in the 40th anniversary reform and opening up. To further deepen reform and opening, especially to hold high the banner of guiding; comprehensive well-off, win victory out of battle, especially to morale, ningxinjuli; promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind, should join the world, Chinese and foreign communication...... Forge ahead in new era, more touching legend and wait for the news to write. Consciously take hold the banner, gather the people, education, culture, exhibition Hing new image of the mission, and continuously improve the public opinion propagation force, guiding force, influence, credibility, today's journalist wide stage, have a brilliant future.

In reality, media convergence is just unfolding, spread of all the points, the object of increasingly significant. In the face of innovation machine writing, intelligent algorithm, the media industry is in the transformation of the mode of production of the air; facing the financial media products emerge in an endless stream, "all-weather" and "all media" has become the essential qualities of journalists. In this context, the journalists shoulder more responsibility. To cope with the challenge, as a positive, the glorious tradition of older people continuously depends on the news, more rely on increasing leg muscles, eyes, brain and strokes.

Whether on the road, or at the scene, in front, behind the scenes, "the party's policy of disseminator, time and record, the promoter of social progress, fairness and justice of the Rye", writing a new era of glory, as people will have the new news.

"People's Daily" (11 may 2018 years 09, 04 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)