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The dog doesn't know the personnel to understand the rules.

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The dog doesn't know the personnel to understand the rules.

Background: 11 month 3 day, Ms. Xu Hangzhou with 6 years old and 3 years old son daughter walking in the area, not a rope over Gou Chong chasing her son. Ms. Xu to protect his son and use the foot to drive the dog, and the dog owner Kim altercation, Kim was beaten to the finger fracture, multiple contusions. At present, the dog owner has suspicion of affray crime jingfangxingju.

China Youth newspaper published the Song River view: Even lovers will also talk about what dog? Specific to Hangzhou this "dog conflict", dog owners will live more than human rights. The same is hudu child dog owners and a mother to protect her son's instinct, is completely different. The former revealed an extremely selfish and arrogant attitude, the latter is a natural, brave and fearless emotion. If a mother even protect his son the right to personal safety is not done, then how to say it is love, in turn, under the banner of "dog" under the banner of wounding, just covered with "pseudo Hou" "false love" of the mask. Often hear people say "my dog does not bite, so these dog owners or allow their dogs to defecate, destruction of public environment, or is not the dog rope, midnight nuisance. In this context, the conflict of rights and interests, will be enlarged into a "dog opposition" in the public space and then evolved into contradictions concerning legal and moral aspects. "The root of dog suffering" in dogs, and in person, tongsudejiang is suffering from "". The reason why many people dislike dogs, to a great extent and dog owners about uncivilized behavior. In the past many "dispute", most of the conflict is the owner of the improper deeds and dog lovers dog rights caused by too high. Control of personal behavior for dog owners, whether from the moral level, rise to the institutional constraints? The dog this thing in the civilization, can reach a social consensus? Neither let the normal dog owners interests are "pseudo dog lovers" behavior of harming, do not let the dog suffering from "a problem in public life, it also needs to be transferred from the perspective of the extreme case to the social public affairs management level.

Xiaojiang caprice: Two days ago, Yunnan Wenshan "history of the most stringent provisions of the dog" shuabing. Some people make complaints about "7 points to 22 points against dog looks very strict, difficult implementation, don't ridicule managers at 8 in the morning before work, 17 in the afternoon after work to see any inspections, walk the dog? Care, let the dog dog, "dusk" is from the normal rest angle, be beneath the human character, almost impossible to achieve, will inevitably lead to antagonism dog owners. It must be pointed out that some of the provisions of a problem, can not be "not necessary norms" of the reason. You can modify the provisions, balance the interests of all parties to ensure perfectly logical and reasonable. The dog owner, should also think about what is self-discipline. Let others understand the dog, dog owners to manage their own constraints, the dog cannot influence dog life, especially to avoid dogs in public places, urinating towards people barking, and even bite, dog owners say "dogs are not naive, and then trying to. The dog doesn't know the personnel to understand the rules. Responsibilities are equal, for their dog, dog owner shall be responsible for, or what emboldened claim right to keep dogs? Some dog owners of their dogs to the dog caused lack of rule, do not want to bear responsibility, can not blame on others. Heteronomy not meddling, but in the case of lack of self-discipline and social management necessary supplement". In this case, the dog is barking dog rope, run a threat to two children, first of all is not a gold. In the face of danger, don't let the children's mother Ms. Xu gently stroking a barking dog? Ms. Xu foot dog perfectly logical and reasonable. Kim on Ms. Xu the wounded, give a person bellyfuls of fisticuffs, must accept legal punishment. Or that sentence, one must understand the rules, must abide by the law, no liability, unlimited rights does not exist in the world.

Xiao Jiang said: Hello, I am small jiang. State, family, everything in the world, every day fresh. Your comment, I review all comments, see Ren All flowers bloom together. Have different views, from different angles, as long as we respect the objective and rational justice.

(commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)