People's Daily: since the media need multi governance


11 2018 08 05:02 on the source of years: People's daily

In any case, since the media should take to the hands of the microphone, keep a good moral line, hold the bottom line of the law, to do its social responsibility


Shanghai off "the mystery of the world" 4 WeChat, "Shanghai entrance broke and 15 illegal WeChat park more shelves"; Henan hot news broadcast "13 WeChat," WeChat 28 Financial Volatility "and other public number rectification; in Jiangsu, by nearly 40 from the media of the" Jiangsu media alliance was established, and home network initiative issued 7...... The day before, many "sun" WeChat public information, rectification.

In addition, WeChat public platform for half a year and banned processing jurisprudence public number about 26 thousand, low class public numbers over 80 thousand, the title of the party class public numbers more than 1.6 months, delete rumors article about 7000 papers, also involving "plagiarism" complaints of nearly 50 thousand single.

The scope and level, efforts of the corrective action, so that the overall situation from the media industry is attracting more attention.

The spread of false wonderful information, issued the "three noes" news, vulgar "push homogeneous smuggled goods"...... These years, emerge in an endless stream since the media chaos, hot rub, the title of the party, excessive wash draft became the "tear" label, even from the media of a few fans sitting on the use of the Internet to bring the right stem from blackmail and impose exactions on business. Search from the media on the Internet, the relevant entry is "how to make money from the media" and "how to" powder "how to write the article, the explosion" has become an important consideration from the media operations.

Practitioners feel, flow bonus period from the media "lay up powder" is over. According to the new list released the "2017 annual report" Chinese WeChat 500, WeChat average reading public platform number decreased 24.2%, the survival of the fittest increasingly obvious.

Admittedly, since the media provides a convenient channel for users to express themselves, to find resonance, share information, exchange of ideas. Some have criticized the short video platform, perhaps the original intention but also to themselves or others to add some fresh and pleasant, but in reality it is coerced, lost money flow. And since the popular media, originally with innovative source code, but a "money" to go, let the true sense of innovation has become the industry of scarce resources.

Since the media must first discipline. To some extent, a microcosm of the media since the chaos is also present in this field of quick success, the lack of regulation of. But in any case, since the media should take to the hands of the microphone, keep a good moral line, hold the bottom line of the law, to do its social responsibility, in order to let users see it at ease, to make their own healthy development.

There is no doubt that weak supervision is an important reason since the media has repeatedly. In addition to increase the existing problems, based on the normal regulation, but also focus on long-term, further jianzhanglizhi, improve the standard. Suggested that the relevant departments issued regulations as soon as possible, to increase efforts to improve the bottom line constraint, since the media illegal cost, be punished for acting, illegal operators; at the same time, the media banned since the establishment of a "blacklist" system for credit evaluation and registration, strict industry access threshold.

Since the media governance chaos, but also requires the participation of the whole society, the formation mechanism of supervision channels, convenient operation, everyone involved in the atmosphere, to promote social governance from the media violations. For the masses, time to clear verification and feedback, to encourage more people to participate in supervision.

Multi rule, form a cohesive force, since the media governance chaos, let the industry healthy development, we will wait and see.

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 22 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)