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If the reform and opening up has brought the epic progress, so poverty practice remain, relay struggle is a distinctive color thick and heavy in colours, not only depict the development of Chinese, more to make a significant contribution to the world


"China hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and live a good life, this great achievement!" "Look forward to have more success stories like the national writing China." In the International Forum on the conference of the reform and opening up and Chinese poverty, poverty reduction China great achievements won widespread praise, the experience of poverty Chinese unique, highly praised by the international organizations, financial institutions, representatives from all walks of life and think tank.

As president Xi Jinping said at the forum said to cause congratulatory letter: "especially 40 years ago, China opened the great course of reform and opening up, but also opened the human history of the most poverty reduction process surge high and sweep forward." In the reform and opening up 40th anniversary time node, the poor rural population dropped 740 million, the poverty rate dropped 94.4 percentage points, called a miracle in the history of human poverty reduction. At the party's eighteen since the poverty alleviation efforts, hitherto unknown scale and influence, people increasingly feel the China historical significance and value of world poverty. If the result of reform and opening up the epic progress, let Chinese achieve era "leap from" catch up "to" lead the poverty practice so unshaken, relay struggle is a distinctive color thick and heavy in colours, not only depict the development of Chinese, more to make a significant contribution to the world.

The eradication of poverty, since ancient times is the human dream, but also the people of all countries in the pursuit of happiness dream. The eradication of poverty into the national strategic planning, and promote the implementation of the China One principle runs through it all., not only thousands of years of history is the first time in the history of human society is also rare. In 40 years, Chinese poverty reduction over the same period accounted for 70% of the total population of global poverty reduction, someone commented, "if there is no China poverty alleviation achievements, the UN Millennium Development Goals will be difficult to achieve the" global "in the eradication of extreme poverty areas is mainly attributed to the achievements in china". At present, China forward "to ensure that the 2020 years of rural poverty in China under the current standard of poverty, poor counties all Zhaimao, solve regional overall poverty" goal, this 2030 years than the United Nations agenda for sustainable development goal 10 years ahead of schedule. Because of this, we have confidence that China "has been an active advocate and a powerful promoter of global poverty reduction cause".

The benign interaction in the reform and opening up the road of poverty alleviation and development, poverty reduction out of a Chinese characteristic, it is a great contribution to the world China. At the macro level, the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty as the basic strategy, effectively solve the "who, who will help support, how to help and other problems; policy design, construct the system of government led, multi participation in poverty alleviation, provide an institutional guarantee for the efficient implementation of poverty; poverty alleviation perspective, adhere to combine with Fu Chi Chi and focus on improving endogenous power...... In practice these valuable experience in formation, has been recognized by the international community. In the opinion of the UN Secretary General Guterres, "the precise poverty reduction strategy is the only way to help the poor people, to achieve the goal of sustainable development agenda in 2030. China has hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, China experience can provide a useful reference for other developing countries".

Compared with the practice experience and system, Chinese poverty alleviation the value behind the pursuit of the same can not be ignored. Chinese the cause of poverty reduction has been able to achieve historic achievement, after all, is that we always adhere to the people-centered development thought. Whether it is "people's yearning for a better life, is our goal" or "ruling idea, build a well-off society, a less common prosperity; on the way, a solemn commitment can not be left behind, are marked with the Communist Party in the beginning of the heart and stick, also stimulate the precise poverty rattling weili. "People centered" for poverty alleviation gained more power, but also the achievements of greater significance. Thus, governance Chinese unique wisdom and political philosophy will enlighten mankind toward a better future.

The eighteen hole village in Xiangxi is one of the poor village in Hunan Province, the first paper facing people out of poverty, come from the local people said that the eighteen hole village road, do not rely on financial houses, the village is on the poor and precise measures and policies, the development of local conditions, "this is every village can copy the experience". At present there are about 30000000 China of poverty, the world still has a population of more than 700 million people living in extreme poverty, learn from poverty practice 40 years of reform and opening up, we will promote the cause of poverty reduction and the world Chinese bigger victory.

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 09 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)