People's daily commentator: adhere to the inclusive Pratt, promote common development

On President Xi Jinping in the first Chinese International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech

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In November 2018 08, 04:15 source: People's daily

In the further development of economic globalization, law of the jungle, winner is a narrower alley, inclusive, win-win is the more inclusive wider human right.

President Xi Jinping in the first China International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech, scientific grasp of economic globalization trend, clearly put forward to promote the common development of inclusive, inclusive claims, common for countries to actively promote the construction of open cooperation, a better world, pointed out the correct direction and path, won high recognition of the guests receive international attention.

One swallow does not make spring, All flowers bloom together. spring garden." The pursuit of happiness of life is the common aspirations of all peoples. In today's world, the physical and technical level has been developed to the ancients of unimaginable proportions, but the unbalanced development of inadequate is still a widespread problem, there are many countries people living in trouble. At the same time, the world has become a acommunity of destiny. The same logic if I win, you lose a winner, if you take the intrigues, beggar thy neighbour sealed the old way, someone's door is the inevitable result, also blocked his way, erosion is the foundation of our development, damage is the future of mankind. As president Xi Jinping stressed: "the human society continues to progress, all countries should adhere to open not closed, cooperation instead of confrontation, not exclusive to win." Only adhere to the inclusive Pratt, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of all countries in the world, many countries still face the common people to eliminate poverty and backwardness, common to the world of children create a wonderful life, to bring the benefits of development all over the world, let everyone enjoy the abundant life.

Adhere to the inclusive inclusive, promote common development, leaving open financing, mutual benefit and win-win road. Open will bring about progress, cooperation to achieve win-win situation. International Trade and investment, economic and trade exchanges, be rooted in the countries of complementary advantages, mutual exchange of needed products. The history of international trade and economic development throughout the show "deeply is interlinked together, with each retreat is closed" rule. The reductions in barriers to international trade, expand opening up, will be able to get through the blood; if the expense of others, isolated international trade will, qi stagnation and blood stasis, the world economy is difficult to healthy development. All countries adhere to the open policy orientation, enhance multilateral and bilateral opening level, to promote economic integration linkage, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, to build an open world economy, the global economy will promote further opening exchanges and integration, to achieve common development.

Adhere to the inclusive inclusive, promote common development, let people share the fruits of development. The purpose of development is to the benefit of the people, only perfect inclusive development concept and mode of inclusive, in order to make the development more balanced development opportunities, make the results more equal, shared development. At present, the process of economic globalization encounter headwinds, one important reason is the lack of inclusive development. Let all countries can enjoy development dividend, let the good vision into reality, still requires countries to show greater courage and make positive efforts. As president Xi Jinping pointed out that countries should transcend differences and differences, play their respective advantages, promote inclusive development, together with the risks and challenges facing mankind to deal with, in 2030 to implement the sustainable development agenda, to reduce the imbalance in global development, promote economic globalization towards the direction of a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win development and let all the people to share the economic growth of economic globalization and world achievement.

"All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue." To firmly establish the sense of community of human destiny, upholding tolerance and promote common development and build inclusive, open world economy innovation inclusive, we will be able to create a better future.

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 02 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)