People's daily commentator: economic globalization is an irreversible historical trend

On President Xi Jinping in the first Chinese International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech

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In November 2018 07, 04:18 source: People's daily

The wheel of history rolls forward the trend of the times, only to go to, go forward with great strength and vigour, stand tide, grasp the future.

"The world is a person with breadth of vision to realize that economic globalization is an irreversible historical trend, provide a strong impetus to the development of the world economy." In the first Chinese International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech, President Xi Jinping's insight into the laws of history, grasp the trend of the times, profoundly expounded the development trend of economic globalization, puts forward three suggestions to countries actively promote open cooperation and realize common development. The rise in protectionism, unilateralism, economic globalization encounter twists and turns on the occasion, President Xi Jinping's speech pointed out the correct direction to build a better world, to the world a powerful positive energy to open cooperation and common development.

Humans can understand and use, conform to the laws of history, but could not prevent the effect law of history. Economic globalization has promoted people's movement of goods and capital, science and technology and the progress of civilization, all nations, is the inevitable result of the objective requirements of the development of social productivity and progress of science and technology, which is not what people, human made. As president Xi Jinping pointed out: "it is a historical trend, its development is independent of man's will transfer." The world economy of the sea, you want it or not, there is unavoidable. Want to cut off the economic capital flow, technology flow, product flow, industrial flow, personnel flow, let the world economy of the sea back to an isolated small lakes, rivers, is not possible, is not consistent with the historical trend. The historical trend of economic globalization is irreversible, will not move forward, this is the truth.

To adapt to economic globalization trend, we should open a firm confidence in cooperation, jointly cope with risks and challenges. The world is facing an unprecedented situation for hundreds of years. In the new round of great changes and adjustment in economic and social development of all countries increasingly close ties. At the same time, unilateralism and protectionism, multilateralism and the multilateral trading system under the serious impact. We must see that the economic globalization is not caused by the problems of the world and the problems facing the world is simple due to the economic globalization, is inconsistent with the facts, but also help solve the problem. Only from the complicated situation grasp the law, recognize the trend, in cooperation to deal with all the challenges, leading to economic globalization, eliminate the negative impact of economic globalization, more open and inclusive in concept, pay more attention to the direction of inclusive balance, pay more attention to the effect on justice and win-win, is the right choice to conform to the general trend. Only adhere to the open policy orientation, unequivocally oppose protectionism and unilateralism, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, in order to make the positive effect of economic globalization more released, better benefit every country and every nation.

To adapt to economic globalization trend, we should actively promote openness and cooperation, realize common development. Open cooperation is the inevitable logic of the development of science and technology progress and productivity, is an important driving force to enhance the international economic and trade activities, is to promote the practical requirements of steady recovery of the world economy, is to promote the requirements of the progress of the human society era. Adhere to an open facility, expand mutually beneficial cooperation in space "to lead innovation, accelerate the new energy conversion" and "adhere to the inclusive Pratt & Whitney, to promote the common development of countries, President Xi Jinping proposed in his speech on the national initiative, it is adapt to economic globalization and the trend of the grasp, but also in the profound changes in the pattern of world economy situation better, promote economic globalization for the benefit of a pragmatic choice of people of all countries. Road to Jane, to work. With greater courage, take practical action to jointly build an open world economy, promote economic globalization towards the direction of a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win development, in order to let all the people share the achievements of economic globalization and world economic growth.

History is created by the brave. A storm will return to the harbor, it is never to reach the shore. Conform to the historical trend, grasp the trend of the times, to work together to pull together in times of trouble, we will be able to make the world a better place, let the people happier.

"People's Daily" (11 may 2018 years 07, 01 Edition)

(Huang Ceyu Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)